Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art for Stress Reduction? Maybe?

Sometime over the last couple of days I got it into my head that I didn't have enough to do.  I have convinced myself that I need to learn how to watercolor.  It will help me reduce stress (says the anal-retentive, type-A-screaming-to-get-out, micro-managing woman).  Watercolor isn't what am I trying to do?  Put myself into an early grave by using flowing colors that I just relinquish my control to?

So, since I don't have any watercolors (and am anally researching the best quality supplies - should take a year to finish my comparisons LOL), I thought it would be wise to bone up on my drawing skills.  I used to draw quite a bit in school, but it's been many, many years since I dabbled in shapes and shading.  Today, while the boys were practicing their writing, I was searching for drawing exercises and came upon this beauty.  For whatever reason, this seemed easier to me than the jalapeno I'd initially planned on drawing (we have a box of 'em on the counter).  My crazy brain seems to think that typically difficult things are easy and typically easy things...insurmountable (like, freezing fear - it's totally irrational).  I don't know why I'm like that, but going with it, I took it step by step and came out with...

My mom would say I'm being too hard on myself, but if you don't push yourself, how are you going to get better (and I'm certainly not freaking out over this being not quite realistic enough for me)?  Obviously, I need to work on my brows and lashes.  Hair completely escapes me and it has always driven me nuts.  The eyebrow is a bit too close to the eye, too, and my shading is off.  If anyone has any constructive criticism, I'd sincerely appreciate it.  And to do with the title of this blog entry...I do feel incredibly relaxed now that that's done.  ;)

I think that as soon as I can learn to draw some simple sketches, I'll invest in some good water colors.  My watercolor passion is flowers (like everyone else  LOL).  Peonies, roses, and iris', to be specific.  I've been watching YouTube videos on how to paint these gorgeous flowers and I'll admit...I do have hope for myself (fleeting though that may be).  We'll see, though...  I pray that the end result of all of this IS relaxation and not an aneurysm.  Haha!  Famous last words, right?

On a completely unrelated note, is it normal to do a happy dance when the UPS man delivers my rechargeable triple A's?  I can imagine some things needing batteries are worth doing a happy dance for *ahem*...but I needed them for my LED candles.  I think this is one of those "annoyingly domestic" moments in which I annoy myself after realizing what I'm doing.


bunny, The Paris House said...

Ha go ahead and have fun doing your happy dance, you are doing a good thing for the environment! Is that your sketch I believe it is and it is amazing!!! I am a very amateur sketcher but your work is great!
I happen to see your comment over at Susan's tablescape Thursdays and I thought you may be interested in this for either you or your husband. I am a professional party planner for over 20 years now. and I am going to post the day after Thanksgiving an online magazine on 'Effortless Entertaining' during the holidays, lots of tips, shortcuts, budget ideas, recipes, fashion etc. etc. and you may find some easy tips in it. there are also lots and lots of recipes and parties on my web/blog now for Autumn! Stop by if you have time
Have a great night

S.I.F. said...

I've got no constructive criticism, because honestly? I am so incredibly impressed!! I have no artistic talent at all, and I'm totally envious of yours!

Amanda @ Tall Glass of Water said...

I agree with S.I.F. Your drawing looks great! Now, when do you want to draw a piece for me?! ;)

Kim @ This Belle Rocks said...

That's great! I used to draw, myself, but got out of it years ago. I still don't think it's something I've "forgotten" though...I can't remember ever not being able to realistically draw.

I'd like to try it *is* therapeutic, relaxing, and sometimes takes a lot out of me. But it's an amazing way to focus excess and/or stressful, negative energy.

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