Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why Annoyingly Domestic?

Causing vexation or irritation; troublesome: an annoying cough.

  1. Because I never planned on having children.
  2. Because I never planned on getting married (err...finding someone who would put up with and entertain me long enough to get married)
  3. Because I was just too busy working and making money.
  4. Also because I was too busy with my social life.
  5. And because I was too busy being the self-centered, privileged, only-child that I'd always been.

Boy #1 came along and within a year I found myself a single mother.  Oops, poor planning (and way to break the good ol' tradition of marriage first!).  My self-centeredness did go away a bit and my social life lost considerable interest, as educating and growing my little human now took precedence.  Work hard, love and nurture the little one, no time left to interact with the (older) male species.  No sooner did I realize that I was absolutely thrilled with my single mother-ness status, than Grumpy Buns dropped into my lap with Boy #2 in tow. Suddenly, I'm being uprooted (against my will, I swear) from everything I knew and loved, for a full-fledged adventure.  I hate adventure.  I am no longer Independent Working Mom Hear Me Roar™, I am Independent Mother of TWINS Struggling to be a Stay-at-Home Team Player (I'm not trademarking that one ).

In my struggle to take on the role of a stay at home mother, homemaker, and home manager, I discovered that with a little time management and a paradigm shift, I actually enjoyed doing things I'd never dreamed I would.  Cooking.  Taking pride in an organized and clean house.  Decorating.  Crafting.  Politics and current events that may (or may not) affect my children!  Financial planning (what is this "budget" you speak of and who are you, Dave Ramsey?!).  Hell, it's gone so far that we're now homeschooling the little gremlins (what has the world come to?! -Well, that's exactly why we're homeschooling, thankyouverymuch).

So, basically, the deal is that anyone who knew me ten years ago wouldn't recognize me today and, in fact, would probably have to walk away wide-eyed from my incessant chatter about this new religion of mine, Domesticity.  I don't think I have any friends planted firmly in Real Life who actually take pictures of their homemade curtains and knick-knacks.

Yes, I have knick-knacks now, too.  And homemade curtains (among other things).  Why a blog for this?  Because I bank online, so this just makes sense, right?  (Just say yes)  A chronicle of really random thoughts, mostly falling under this new found love of mine...domesticity.
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